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Our attendance winners for this week are Year 2 with 98.3%. Well done keep up the good attendance!





Positivity Page


 Thank you for all our lovely parents who have sent some really positive emails to us.

Good afternoon Mr Kelly,


I hope that you and all of the staff at St. Andrew's are bearing up this week. I just wanted to make contact because I know how stressful times are for staff now more than ever. I also know that sometimes we may think to say thank you to people but rarely actually get around to doing it.


First of all, I'd like to pass on a huge thank you to the wonderful office staff that you are blessed with at your school. They are always so helpful and polite. These are the people that staff, parents and visitors depend on and they are so often over looked.  I called the school on Tuesday after 5pm having had  a fraught few hours whilst still sitting at my desk with a mountain of things to do. Miss Holland was so cheerful and pleasant despite the demanding day I am sure she must have had; she is  a real credit to the school.


I also know that the teachers and support staff are giving all they have and more and I would like to pass on my thanks for that too. Often, in school life, staff hear the negatives, the demands, the complaints. I think that staff are doing a great job and I appreciate how hard they are having to work under very difficult circumstances at the moment.


Please pass on my thanks. I know that many other parents feel the same way too.


Keep going.


 The online lessons were great today! 

 Seriously though, well done!! It’s hard work doing it online and you’ve got a tough audience with 4/5 year olds! I think it was great and lovely for them to see you and each other too. 

 XXX is really enjoying everything you do and I know he will love the mix of school and home learning this week.  His sisters love supporting him too which is so helpful to me.

 Hope you’re not too tired after today! Hope to see you soon.


I would also like to say thank you very much for your efforts today. XXX absolutely loved seeing you and his friends faces, days are long for him at home as I am sure they are for the others, so it definitely perked him up. He did say after he found the work easier when you were there to tell him what to do. 

We will see you tomorrow 

Thank you again for a fab day of live lessons, seeing all of their little faces light up when they see each other really is something special. It makes a very strange time a little brighter. 

Thank you again for today, a lovely walk in the park this afternoon to work on his check list.

Take Care


 I think the online lessons are really good - thank you! 

 XXX’s stick man feeling pictures below and we did the woodland walk yesterday - XXX saw a fox - she was very excited! 

 Many thanks


I just wanted to say thank you – it’s really helped XXX to be able to see you & some of his friends, even if it is only on a screen. He is still really missing school but it has been a lot easier to engage him in each topic now that he can see his friends are doing the same work. My friends with children in other primary schools have had multiple complaints about the standard of teaching, so I just wanted to convey how much XXX enjoys his lessons and how grateful we are for all the effort that goes into each session.  


Thank you also for the Oxford Owl link – we have signed up & will have a look at the e-library this afternoon. Luckily, we purchased the Batman phonics books from the school book sale but I can’t imagine it will take long for him to get bored of them. 

Please pass on my thanks to Mrs Shipway & all of the teachers – it must be very difficult at the moment, & I hope you are all able to stay as safe and well as possible.Thank you

Hope you and all of the staff team have a lovely well rested weekend. I know how hard everyone is working at St Andrews to provide learning for every child and as a parent I just wanted to say a huge thank you. This is such a stressful time for so many but for schools being told to close right at the last minute and still being expected to provide the curriculum for children in school and at home is a huge task to organise. 
Please pass my thanks on to Mr Kelly and the rest of the team 
Dear everyone at St Andrews,


Thank you so much for all you are doing for the children yet again, especially due to the appallingly short notice you were given to switch to remote provision. The home learning and live lessons must take so much time to prepare, but they are such high quality and really appreciated. It is so nice for XXX and XXX to be able to see their classmates and teachers and participate every day. Thank you to everyone keeping things running smoothly behind the scenes too, we really appreciate you all even if we don't get to say hello in a teams meeting.


We look forward to seeing you all again in school as soon as we are able to, but in the meantime thank you once again and please take care of yourselves,


I just wanted to Thank the teachers for what an amazing job they are doing at school.

Both XXX and XXX are loving school and come home so enthusiastic about what they have done and learnt.

I wanted to particularly thank Mrs Kinsella. XXX is saying she has never had so much fun at school.  XXX came home yesterday and was telling us about the new PE teacher.

Thank you to everyone for the hard work they are doing in these difficult times.

Please pass on my thanks to the staff.

Hi Mr Kelly and Team


I just wanted to drop you a quick line of thanks for the work you’re doing this week. In truly exceptional circumstances you’ve managed to make it really enjoyable for my two. They’ve come home every night this week really enthused and engaged with their schooling.


I can’t begin to appreciate the pressure you must be under currently, and for what it’s worth UK Gov. haven’t helped. However as a fellow Key Worker you’ve got my full respect.


XXX has been telling us about doing Joe Wickes in the classroom, which she absolutely loved.

XXX really enjoyed the part where each child got to play the part of teacher. As there are a few kids in his key worker group who are into fitness they could maybe support the teacher in taking the others through a “bit of Joe”.


XXX also loved learning about the months of the year. The quick fire approach really suited her, so much so she asked if the same approach could be applied to learning the time.


Thanks again for the truly remarkable work you’re doing, it’s not going unnoticed.




I just wanted to give you some feedback on the 'home working' this week,


Miss Madden has absolutely nailed it - her work is always available at 8am every morning & she conducts at least 2 'live' sessions per day & they are well thought out/planned. 


She always responds with feedback on any work handed in, which is great for the children.


Also, all the documents she uploads are 'editable' within Teams which is really useful & makes it so simple for us - we don't have to print anything, we can complete the work within Teams & hand it straight in.


Its great, thank you!

Just want to thank you all for helping not just me but so many other parents. As a key worker it’s been a life saver having the school and all the work your doing to make our children safe.

Thank you for printing off the work too!
To Mr Kelly and all the staff at St Andrews,

With two children catered for I would like to say thanks to you all for the provision and support you are giving them currently. Lessons provided are accessible and really help when trying to teach them at home. Keep up the hard work.

Hi Mr Kelly,


I would just like to say how amazing I think Miss Thomas is! She is fantastic with the children. The feedback she gives on the completed work sent to her is so encouraging and detailed, she comments on every piece of work she receives. 

I am more than disappointed that the year six children are not in the classroom with her and experiencing her full teaching capacity. 

Her timetable and work set is very clear, concise and easy to follow for the children. 

I hope (like we all do!) that the children are back at school as soon as possible so they don't miss any more valuable time with Miss Thomas. She is a real asset and credit to St Andrews school. 


From a frazzled home schooling Mom who isn't cut out for teaching! I think a lot of parents will agree that teachers are massively undervalued and not appreciated as much as they should be for the amazing job they do!

Thank you for XXX's feedback she is delighted she did work hard and she said she would love to share it with the class on Monday.
Thank you Mrs King and to Mrs Lockington for all the hard work you both put into to continue the children’s learning it’s really appreciated.


I just wanted to say a massive thank you and well done and good luck! I’m sure you need to here all of those things right now.


XXX has really engaged with the work this morning and enjoyed being on the teams call earlier. Thank you for responding to the work he has sent in. He has enjoyed hitting the hand in button and is so happy when the feedback pops up.


I just thought it was important for you to know that whilst it must be incredibly difficult for you at the moment, all the effort and hard work is appreciated at this end. 


Hopefully see you after half term!

 I hope you are well. I wanted to email you to say how pleased I am with the work that Miss McAteer has been planning and delivering for year 5. 

She has been incredibly responsive and has set a varied and interactive scheme  of work. It is clear that she is working incredibly hard, as I am sure all of the staff are. I do hope that everyone is managing to get some down time, the workload must be immense and I know Miss McAteer has been working late into the evening. 

I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the work that is currently being undertaken and thank you all for your support in home learning. 

Sending you all our thanks and prayers

Thank you for all you do for him and others in these unusual circumstances its very much appreciated  and I don’t think you or the school are given enough credit .

St Andrew's School is a really fantastic school. Nothing negative to say at all. All 3 of my children have gone here (2 now in secondary, 1 still there) and I can't fault it at all. Small school with a real community feel, amazing, caring staff including the Headteacher who is just brilliant.
My eldest three go to St Andrew's and it's honestly a brilliant school. My eldest son has special needs and they have helped him come on loads. One of my youngest will hopefully be starting Nursery in September.
Thanks again for such a brilliantly planned week- love hearing how much XXX is enjoying the live lessons- you’re making what could be ridiculously stressful massively easier and we really appreciate it.
Well done for the live lessons this week, they went really well - high five to you! 

I just wanted to say that I think all of the staff are doing a fantastic job at this time.  The amount of sessions you provide for the children is great. XXX is really enjoying coming into school but also loves joining Teams on a Wednesday.  The children are really lucky to still have so many opportunities to learn and interact with their friends on Teams, which I think is vital for their well-being at the moment.  It must be a very stressful time for the staff, so thank you from me.